lunes, 11 de marzo de 2013

We are all crazy

I live now in a country (Iceland) where there is not social education as we understand it in Spain. Here our profession is focus on people with special needs, only one of the branches of our tree.

I am working now with "disable people", which I prefer to call just "people". The work takes place in a farm in Iceland and follows the beliefs of Rudolf Steiner. The people living there work in the farm, and the farm itself tries to be as self sustainable as possible. They grow their own food and process it themselves.

I have spent now 5 days in a row living in the farm, with them and many thoughts come to my head. 

 I have always think that we are all different, I don´t want to call anyone disable, because, I think, we all have different abilities, we are better at some things and worse at others. 

Living with them I have heard other workers saying "they are all so egocentric, they don´t care about others", but then, looking at the world, are not most of the people like that?.
We see the world from our eyes, and so, even if we look at others we are seeing what we decide to see.
Even the most helpful person is helping others because of the problems that he, himself, find on others.
They have some "crazy things" need to bite themselves, or need to have everything perfect around them to be in peace. But, we all have some "crazy thing", we all like to do 
this like that or in another way.
When do you cross the line? How is it crossed? I think the line is crossed when we give a name to it. If you grow as a normal person, without any special stick on your forehead saying to everyone else "I am special", will you be considered crazy afterwords? or you will grow up normally, and be just one more person, different, like everyone else?