miércoles, 27 de enero de 2016

Special needs

According to the dictionary, the special needs are defined as:

"the educational requirements of pupils or students suffering fromany of a wide range of physical disabilities, medical conditions,intellectual difficulties, or emotional problems, including deafness,blindness, dyslexia, learning difficulties, and behavioral problems"

Too often the system when it looks at this issue, emphasize the part of the "difficulties" or, better called: differences, emphasis, this one, that ends like this:

social outcast, bad educational results, lack of interest for learning and increment of the learning difficulties. 
And for what? for being "special"? Isn´t everyone special? Isn´t it that what parents said about their children? How is to be special the best and the worst

Back to the definition, the first part of it: educational requirements, is starting to be forgotten and substitute by a kind of "chemical requirement". Children are sticked in their forehead with a term that justify them for doing everything and justify parents and the education system for not been able of empowering them to became and to learn whatever they want. And, instead of asking "do you have any interest on climbing that tree?, should we find a better way?", we drug them and force them to go up the tree without even wondering if they will be happy there. 

Should we continue using the old manuals and drug children for them to behave on a way that fits that manual instead of updating all our education systems?