martes, 20 de marzo de 2012

AIEJI. Internationalizing Social Education

AIEJI is our international association. According to their website, the purposes of the association are to:
1. Unite social educators from all countries and promote quality practice that seeks to ensure the best for people served by the profession. 
2. Encourage the richness of diversity by promoting the working together of people of different backgrounds and cultures through the international membership of AIEJI. 
3. Contribute to the development of professional education and training to increase the competence of all social educators. 
4. Promote the organization of the social education profession and encourage networking among AIEJI members to increase international collaboration. 
5. Emphasize professional practice and educational methods based on the United Nation’s declarations of human and children’s rights.
In a world that is going international, where information knows no borders, where we all are influenced by similar stimulations, needs became more alike as do problems and possible solutions.
On 2013 AIEJI will hold an international congress in Luxembourg under the theme: Integration and social Inclusion.
The first international congress was held in Copenhagen in 2009 (further information here).

We will definitely follow up on everything related with the Congress next year, and, who knows, maybe we will be there.

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